Diamond Light Source

Diamond Light Source is the UK’s national synchrotron facility (3GeV), located at the Harwell Science Campus in Oxfordshire. By accelerating electrons to near light-speed, Diamond generates brilliant beams of light from infrared to X-rays which are used for academic and industry research.

Diamond is a not-for-profit limited company funded as a joint venture by the UK Government via UK Research & Innovation’s (UKRI’s) Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) in partnership with the Wellcome Trust, owning 86% and 14% of the shares respectively.

Diamond is free at point of access through a competitive application process (peer review), provided the results are published in the public domain. Diamond also has proprietary (fee paying) access for those who wish to guarantee access or/and keep their results confidential.

Diamond has a 14,000 strong user community utilising its beamlines (experimental stations) and electron microscopes to address 21st century challenges and conduct experiments in a wide range of disciplines including structural biology, health and medicine, solid-state physics, materials and magnetism, nanoscience, electronics, earth and environmental sciences, chemistry, cultural heritage, energy and engineering. Diamond began initial operations with 7 beamlines in 2007, with the 33rd becoming operational in 2021.

Diamond has many Special Peformance beamlines including:

- I12 (Joint Engineering, Environmental & Processing) - which will be able to provide tomographic data on large engineering components of up to 2 tonnes, with a scanning area of 1m x 1m under real world conditions - a unique feature in Europe and the world. It has a high intensity beam for undertaking diffraction and imaging experiments. (Currently operational).

- I20 (Versatile X-ray Spectroscopy) has a four-bounce monochromator which will allow constant energy resolution and spectral purity of the x-ray beam, in contrast with the other spectroscopybeamlines in Europe. (Operational in 2012).

- I09 (Surfaces & interface structural analysis) isunique in it's ability to analyse samples with both hard and soft X-rays.

Diamond Light Source Ltd
Diamond House Harwell Science and Innovation Campus Didcot, Oxfordshire
TEL. +44(0)1235 778000
FAX. +44(0)1235 778499
call for proposals
  • First Wednesday in April (17:00) (for the period 1st October 31st March)
  • First Wednesday in October (17:00) (for the period 1st April to 30th September).

Details for the next calls for Direct Access and Programme Mode are on the web at: http://www.diamond.ac.uk/Users .

In addition to call deadlines specified above, there are also opportunities for rapid access to some beamlines. More details are given on the Diamond website by using the specified link.

Diamond is updating its User Administration System (https://uas.diamond.ac.uk) to be compliant with the SPF 2 format currently under development.
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