Wayforlight was created during the FP7 funded project CALIPSO, to offer a single entry point for information about the European synchrotrons and free electron lasers.

During CALIPSO, it was equipped with standardized facilities and beamline datasheets and with a pilot Standardized Proposal Format.

During the Horizon 2020 CALIPSOplus project, wayforlight is being boosted with an industry dedicated section, an interactive user forum and a standardized proposal format 2.0. Moreover, a new section will offer an overview of the upcoming training possibilities at the European lightsources.

Thanks to the Horizon 2020 EUCALL project, the facilities and beamlines database will be totally rebuilt in summer 2018 to host also laser and laser-driven light sources such as the ELI facilities and the Laserlab Europe ones.

In the near future, wayforlight will be interlinked with the global platform Lightsources.org and will be further developed into a European helpdesk within the LEAPS initiative: a bright future ahead!