Diamond Light Source
Beamline I14 - Hard X-ray Nanoprobe

The Hard X-ray nanoprobe beamline is a dedicated facility for nanoscale microscopy and welcomed first users in March 2017. The nanoprobe aims to provide a flexible endstation, with a beam size of 50 nm, optimised for scanning X-ray fluorescence, X-ray spectroscopy and diffraction. To maximise the distance from the focusing optic to the sample, the beamline extends beyond the main building to a distance of approximately 185m, and is housed in a new external building

I14 provides a state of the art facility in which a focused x-ray spot is positioned or scanned over a specimen. The central theme of the beamline is the ability to obtain structural and chemically-specific information on a full range of materials (inorganic/organic) under both static and real (e.g. wet, heated, in-situ strain) conditions, providing a facility new to the UK.
The HXNP aims to provide:

  • Spatial resolution down to 50nm
  • Wide energy range (5-23 KeV)
  • Raster scanning capability for fast acquisition and increased sample area coverage.
  • XANES mapping capability
  • Simple data acquisition software with a strong emphasis on fast post acquisition data processing




Beamline Energy Range
5 - 23 [eV]
Julia Parker
  • Surface diffraction
  • Topography
Emission or Reflection
  • X-ray fluorescence (XRF)
  • X-ray microscopy
Earth Sciences & Environment
  • Other - Earth Sciences & Environment
Engineering & Technology
  • Space
Life Sciences & Biotech
  • Medicine
  • Other - Life Sciences & Biotech
Material Sciences
  • Knowledge based multifunctional materials
  • Other - Material Sciences
control/Data analysis
Control Software Type
  • GDA
Data Output Type
  • Image
Data Output Format
  • nxs