Diamond Light Source
Beamline I05 - ARPES

Beamline I05 is a facility dedicated to the study of electronic structures by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES). It provides an intense and highly monochromatic beam of vacuum ultraviolet radiation. Photoelectrons emitted from the sample are analysed by a high resolution angle-multiplexing electron analyser. A cryogenic sample manipulator is used to rotate the sample to cover different emission angles above the surface and thus different electron momenta. The spectrometer is housed in an ultrahigh vacuum to allow for optimum sample lifetime of the highly surface sensitive experiment. The resulting energy versus momentum maps are analysed to yield the band dispersions and Fermi surfaces and, owing to the high resolution, the spectral function of electrons near the Fermi level.

Beamline Energy Resolution
0 * 100.001 [eV] @ 64 [eV]
Beamline Resolving Power
0 [deltaE/E] @ 64 [eV]
Beamline Energy Range
0.018 - 0.24 [eV]
Spot Size On Sample Vert
0 - 200 [um]
Cephise Cacho
Photoelectron emission
  • Angular Resolved PES
  • UPS
  • XPS
control/Data analysis
Control Software Type
  • GDA
Data Output Type
  • Photoelectron spectra, MDM, FSM
Data Output Format
  • NeXuS
Softwares For Data Analysis
  • DAWN, in-house