Please submit your DAFNE-Light beam time proposals to: proposalsubmission@lists.lnf.infn.it

The calls for proposals for DAFNE-L are published twice a year.

The deadlines are regularly on 20 August and 18 December.

Next Call: 20 June - 20 August


The next call all for regular proposals will be opened mid-July with deadline on 2 September 2024 midnight local Hamburg time.

Call for LTP and BAG proposals will be open mid-June until 15 July 2024 midnight local Hamburg time.

Any proposal for PETRA III beamlines P08, P11, P22, P23, P24 can be submitted at any time during our rolling call procedure (continous call without deadline). Scheduling of beamtime has already started with beamtimes being allocated from September 2024 on.













All ELBE sources including FELBE and TELBE are open to users through an online portal (GATE). There are two calls for Beamtime Proposals per year with deadlines in the spring and in the fall.

The next deadline for the submission of beamtime applications is September 23rd, 2024.

User access to the ELBE - Center for High-power Radiation Sources is managed in line with the recommendations of the European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures. Beamtime proposals are reviewed by an external science advisory committee. It is quality-based and relies on a peer-review procedure based on research proposals. The primary selection criterion is scientific excellence. Among scientifically equally ranked proposals, priority is given to users from countries without national FEL and from EU-13 states, to PhD students, and to women PIs.

Proposals should be submitted electronically using the portal GATE. The use of the template is mandatory.

ELBE as a whole is operated 24 h, 7 days/week, beamtime is granted in units of 12 hours from 6:00 to 18:00 and from 18:00 to 6:00.


There is currently no open ISA call for proposals, the next will be in the autumn of 2024. However, eligible users may apply through EU programmes detailed on the ISA website. 

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