We invite you to submit applications for access to the SOLARIS Centre research facilities. Access to SOLARIS is free of charge for any scientists who carries out non-commercial research. The international commission decides on the allocation of beamtime.

Beamtime is split into two 6-months allocation periods corresponding to spring and autumn calls for proposals.

The spring call (deadline for proposal submission: 1st of April) is for experiments to be performed from September of the same year till February the following year.
The autumn call (deadline for proposal submission: 2 nd of October) is for experiments to be performed from March till August of the following year.

Next call for proposals will be open in Autumn 2023. The deadline for submitting proposals is the 2 nd of October 2023 at 23:59 CET.


Please submit your DAFNE-Light beam time proposals to: proposalsubmission@lists.lnf.infn.it

The calls for proposals for DAFNE-L are published twice a year.

The deadlines are regularly on 20 August and 18 December.

Next Call: 18 October - 18 December

proposal form