Thanks for your feedback! The User Survey launched received more than 1.400 answers, representing a significant fraction of the estimated 30.000 users of European Lightsources.

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The results herebelow refer to the first 1.400 answers received.

Question 1

Did you hear about the web portal?

59% no - 41% yes

If Yes, from where ?

Question 2

Within the last year, how many different European facilities did you submit proposals to?

Question 3

How useful would you rank the following user tools:

a) Harmonized proposal deadlines

Proposal submission deadlines vary between facilities. Should they be harmonized (coincide, avoid coincidences)? Express your opinion about a more harmonized structure of deadlines. You can use the freetext answer below to propose a solution.

b) Standardized Proposal Format (for submission at all European lightsources)

A process to establish the same proposal procedure to be used at all facilities has been started.

What is your opinion on using a single entry point for proposal submission and a standardized basic proposal form to be then complemented by specific inputs requested by the selected facility?

c) EU wide unique, persistent ID

To complement unified access attempts, also the login to individual facility websites has been harmonized, see What is your opinion on using a single, but secure sign on for all Your activities at different light sources?

d) Experienced Users Forum/feedback

How is your opinion on creating a platform for tutoring new users, as well as to answer specific questions e.g. about techniques/beamline choice

e) Single Dashboard to visualize the status of all your proposals at European Lightsources

What do you think about a single place to keep track of all proposal-related activities (tasks like safety declarations or reports still to be completed etc.), similar to a shopping chart or a control panel ?

Importance ranking of proposed tools --> summing up "Very" and "Extremely" counts

Question 4

Do you have any additional need to list or comment?

[Freetext answer]

More than 200 users expressed their needs answering to this question. Among them, 70/75 requested "staggered" deadlines for proposal submission at different facilities. Several other comments suggested practical ways to ameliorate the standardized services to be provided by the various facilities, including a specific need about software and data formats.

If you would like to provide further inputs, please contact us.

Question 5

Would you like to be contacted for future feedback on tools?

[If Yes, leave your email]

More than 340 users left their emails to be contacted for future feedback. We take the chance to thank all participants for their valuable inputs, and we will keep working for a more integrated and user-friendly offer.