LOA - Salle Corail

Salle Corail  is the latest experimental area that have been set at LOA. This endstation is dedicated to the use of high harmonic generation created from the interaction of intense 5 mJ, 25 fs, 5 kHz laser with rare gas. The interaction produces a comb of harmonics with wavelengths ranging from slightly below 10 nm to 100 nm, depending on the gas used. The pulse are fully coherent in space and in time, with many optical parameters (polarization angle, divergence, wave front) easily changeable by modifying the IR laser characteristics.

Two beamlines are opened to users in this area.

One is devoted to femtomagnetism with possibility to perform Keerr effect studies, diffraction or haolography for the imaging of nano magnetic domains. All the experiments can be set as pump-probe with no jitter (same laser).

The second beamline aims at coherent imaging and EUV to soft x-ray optic metrology, mainly wavefront measurements for single to mutiple optics. Reflectivity might be done and scaterring experient might be set if required.

  • Time-resolved studies
  • X-ray holography
  • Coherent scattering
  • Other - Physics
control/Data analysis
Control Software Type
  • homemade
Data Output Type
  • homemade
Data Output Format
  • .spe; other