Swiss Light Source

Tender X-Ray Micro-Spectroscopy

The PHOENIX (Photons for the Exploration of Nature by Imaging and XAFS) beamline produces a high flux of soft to hard X-rays from an elliptical undulator (APPLE II). Two different endstations at two branches provide the users the necessary tools to perform X-ray microspectroscopic measurements (µ-XAS and µ-XRF). Techniques available include measurements of the fluorescent light, total electron yields and absorption. The beamline is designed to allow for hosting user supplied in situ experiments and can provide in situ cells suited for the study of matter in liquid environments.





Beamline Energy Resolution
0.4 [meV]
Spot Size On Sample Hor
2.5 - 2500 [um]
Spot Size On Sample Vert
2.5 - 2500 [um]
Thomas Huthwelker
  • Time-resolved studies
Emission or Reflection
  • Micro XRF
  • X-ray fluorescence (XRF)
  • X-ray microscopy
control/Data analysis
Control Software Type
  • tbd
Data Output Type
  • tbd
Data Output Format
  • tbd