Turkish Accelerator and Radiation LAboratory

TARLA aims to be one of the world-class multi-disciplinary center providing an accelerator based radiation and particle source for research and development. One of the objectives of TARLA is to become a leading research facility in the country for experimentation and applied physics as well as for wide-ranging spectrum of different disciplines. A Bremsstrahlung station in parallel to Free Electron Laser (FEL) station, low current pulsed beam and high current continuous wave (CW) beam and pulsed time structure (pulse duration 50 µm to CW) will be used for generating non-conventional radiation, X-Ray and, the production of neutrons, positrons, or THz radiation for the future. 

TARLA accelerator mainly consists of an injector that provides high current CW electron beam at 250 keV, a maximum bunch charge of 120 pC and a repetition rate of 13 MHz, which corresponds to an average beam current of 1.5 mA at CW mode, two superconducting (SC) accelerating modules separated by a bunch compressor in order to accelerate beam to 10-40 MeV energy. 

TARLA will be the accelerater center that will feed two FEL lines with wavelength ranges from 5µm - 34µm and 24µm - 350 µm, respectively. High power electron beam provided by accelerator will be transported either U35 or U110 beamlines to cover mid and far infrared regions, respectively. The pulse energies of the produced intense, coherent infrared radiation by U35 and U110 will be few µJ range with pulse duration of  few ps. The typical operation mode offers 13 MHz micropulse repetition rate, in macropulses of few 100 µs at up to 25 Hz or, alternatively, FEL operation in a continuous 13 MHz mode which is tunable over a wide wavelength range by changing the electron energy or undulator magnetic field quickly.

Ankara University Institute of Accelerator Technologies
Campus of Ankara University Golbasi, Ankara
TEL. +90 312 4851377
FAX. +90 312 4847456
call for proposals

Call for Proposal has not been opened, as TARLA is under construction, presently.