Sweden has an active synchrotron and XFEL community, with an estimated total number of users of around 500. Users are found at all major universities and cover a wide variety of scientific disciplines. National activity has for many years been centered around the national synchrotron radiation facility MAX-lab (1983-2016) and the new, world-leading facility MAX IV (from 2017). However, Swedish users are also keen users of other European and world synchrotrons and XFELs.

There is no national funding program for synchrotron access in Sweden, and Swedish users have historically been very appreciative of the previous EU-coordinated transnational access programs.

Dr. Derek Logan
Associate Professor
Lund University
National User Organisation
SSUO - Swedish Synchrotron User Organisation
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SSUO is the organisation for all Swedish users of European synchrotron radiation facilities. The primary aim of SSUO is to achieve improved conditions, including financial support, for Swedish researchers to use synchrotron radiation both nationally and internationally. To do this, SSUO should interact on the national level with funding agencies, such as the Swedish Research Council VR. SSUO is also a sister organisation of FASM, the user organisation for the national synchrotron radiation facility MAX IV.

SSUO exists to promote the interests of synchrotron users in Sweden; users from all scientific disciplines are encouraged to join, and new members are very welcome, by e-mailing one of the board members. There is no membership fee.


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