The following universities and research centers are users of synchrotrons and FELs:

- Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (9 groups/scientists from 3 Institutes/ Heraklion and Patras)

- University of Crete (1 group/scientist/Heraklion)

- Technical University of Crete(1 group/Chania)

- University of Ioannina (2 groups/Ioannina)

- University of Thessaly (2 groups/scientists/Larissa and Karditsa)

- University of Thrace (1 group/Alexandroupolis)

- University of Athens (8 groups/scientists from 3 Departments/Athens)

- Agricultural University of Athens (4 groups/scientists from 2 Departments/Athens)

- University of Patras (7 groups/scientists from 2 Departments/ Patras)

- NCSR “DEMOKRITOS” (12 groups/scientists from 5 Institutes/Athens)

- National Hellenic Research Foundation (19 scientists from 3 Institutes/Athens)

- Hellenic Pasteur Institute (1 group/Athens)

- TEI Patras (1 group/Patras)

The scientific expertise of these groups includes biology (structural biology, protein engineering, biomedical applications etc), materials science (graphene, carbon nanotubes, polymers, glasses etc), nanotechnology (nanomaterials, biomimetic materials etc), biochemistry-enzymology, chemistry (in silico and in vitro chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, bioactive molecules), and physics (atomic physics, fast atomic processes, surface physics etc). About 40% of the researchers/groups identify themselves by more than one scientific field. 

Prof. Michael Kokkinidis
Professor of structural biology
University of Crete / Department of biology & IMBB/FORTH
Heraklion / Crete
National User Organisation
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