European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
ID06-LVP - Large Volume Press

ID06LVP is dedicated to the data collections, in angle-dispersive mode, from large-volume samples under high pressure and temperature conditions. The press is a modified cubic device with independent U and D rams and 20MN total force available. Typical applications are from solid-state chemistry and synthesis to the Earth sciences. We use a lightly-modified lab-based sample assembly with 32, 26, 1", 25, 14 mm cubes, most commonly with 10/4, to reach pressures in excess of 20 GPa and 2000 K, using graphite, Ni, TiB2 or rhenium furnaces. Other octahedra/truncation combinations are supported; from 25 mm to 2 mm. We use a range of carbides (TF05, ha7, 6uf, etc) for a range of applications. Monchromatic energies are offered, usually, though not exclusively, at 33 keV and 55 keV. Other data collection strategies are available for deformation (6 & 6/6) and 1-stage compression studies using sintered diamond anvils. Experiments may be complemented by other techniques; resistivity, ultrasonics, &c. The beamline is particularly suited to time-resolved studies and those where rapid evaluation of phase space is required; experiments are real time with detectors running at 10 Hz or faster per full 2TH dataset. Deformation measurements take advantage of full azimuthal scans in under 1 minute. Ultrasonic readout is 12sec per frequency.


Beamline Energy Range
18000 - 55000 [eV]
Spot Size On Sample Hor
0.05 - 1.5 [mm]
Spot Size On Sample Vert
0.05 - 1 [mm]
Photon Sources


Energy Range
11 - 99 [keV]
18 [mm]

Cinel DCM Si111

Energy Range
7 - 55 [eV]
Double crystal mono
Endstations or Setup



Sample Type

Sample Environment

Golden furnace:
Water- / Air-cooled Halogen Bulb Furnace, max. Temperatur 1200°C
Sample : free-standing metal or hard samples, or any sample sealed inside a capillary
Xray-technique : Transmission, Diffraction
300 - 1470 [K]


9 axis:
X-Y pair
Omega rotation (120deg range; -15 to +105)
X-Y pair
Detector independent
Detectors Available
Detection Technology X-scan series GOS 1D detector
Endstation Operative

Manipulator or Sample stage

Degrees Of Freedom
Translator Stages
Positioning Precision
X = 0.01 [mm], Y = 0.01 [mm], Z = 0.01 [mm]
Range Of Movement
X = 100 [mm], Y = 100 [mm], Z = 100 [mm]

Sample Environment

Large volume press:
Max load: 2000t; Stage 1 operation: 10 GPa & up to 1800 K; Stage 2 operation: 20 Gpa & up to 2000 K
Sample geometries - 25 mm to 7 mm octahedra (for stage 2 operation); studies of physical characteristics of materials under high pressure and temperature conditions
Pressure (Max)
20 [GPa]

Detection Technology X-scan series GOS 1D detector

1D pixelated strip detector
Time Resolved
Pixel Size
X = 200 [um]
Array Size
X = 1536 [pixel], Y = 1 [pixel]
Passive or Active (Electronics)
Output Readout Software
Practically, as tif though other options available


Detected Particle
Support Laboratories

Machining and sample prep available onsite


Two workshops are available for Users. They host: two Roland milling machines, a lathe, a pillar drill, diamond wheels, hand press, welder for the machining of assembly parts and preparation of thermocouples and capsules. They also have two binocular microscopes at workstations for mounting and dissecting run products.  Space is made for epoxy mounting. Cutting, grinding and polishing of samples (etc) also possible. We have two ovens, one constant 60 deg and one vacuum to 200degC. All necessary hand and precision tools can be provided for successful prep and mounting of samples and for subsequent analysis.

  • Crystallography
  • Powder diffraction
  • Time-resolved studies
control/Data analysis
Control Software Type
  • spec
Data Output Type
  • 2theta-intensity datasets in 1 and 2-d; with time, pressure, temperature, azimuth and omega resolution
Data Output Format
  • edf, ascii, 3D images
Softwares For Data Analysis
  • in-house & distributed; e.g. Fit2D, Jana2006
Equipment That Can Be Brought By The User
Users are welcome to bring any compatible assemblies made from 14mm, 25 mm, 1", 26 mm or 32 mm cubes.
Other Equipment Available On Site
Offline diffractometer available.
Polishing and mounting available for SEM/EDS analysis onsite (request in advance).
Glovebox available for sensitive samples (via Chemistry Lab).
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