The DUBBLE project operates two beam lines. Mainly for researchers in the remit of the Dutch and Flemish research councils but 30% of the beam time is available for general ESRF users. The main techniques are time-resolved EXAFS (BM14) and SAXS/WAXS (BM26)


Beamline BM26 is specialised in time-resolved simultaneous small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering and is especially equipped to handle complicated and/or large sample environments. Due to these capabilities a large portfolio of polymer processing experiments can be performed. This includes melt spiining, film blowing, temperature quenches and deformations under well controlled conditions.

Other sample environments that are available include high pressure cells, high field magnets with ambient pressure and temperature in the sample compartment, DSC, etc.

There are two microfocus options available. One is with CRL's. This option allows for a reasonably high beam coherence and enables low angle resolution down to 6x10-3 [nm-1]. The other option is a low background KB system whiic is suitable for soft condensed matter research.

Photon Sources

Short bend magnet

Bending Magnet
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