Russian German Station 2 - U125-2_RGBL Beamline

The RGBL-2 endstation is equipped with a SCIENTA R4000 hemispherical analyzer coupled to two Mott-type spin detectors. It is ideal to perform accurate measurements of the electronic band structure of solids as well as to detect the three components of the spin polarization vector with high energy and momentum resolutions. A motorized six axes manipulator is used to control the sample position with high precision. It allows to perform spin- and angle-resolved measurements along any direction in reciprocal space down to a temperature of 40 K. Temperature-dependent measurements between 300 and 40 K are also possible. The system further features a preparation chamber equipped with a heating station, a sputter gun, and a LEED system. There are available ports for four different exchangable evaportators. The preparation chamber also contains a magnetic coil capable of applying external magnetic fields before photoemission measurements of up to 300 Oe along any direction. A fast entry load lock is provided for sample exchange. UHV suitcases can be attached directly to the analysis chamber through an already prepared suitable port. For more details please contact the station scientist(s).

Dr. Jaime Sánchez-Barriga
apl. Prof. Dr. Oliver Rader
Photoelectron emission
  • Spin-resolved ARPES
  • UPS
  • XPS
control/Data analysis
Control Software Type
  • tbc
Data Output Type
  • tbc
Data Output Format
  • tbc