The Ultra Resolved ANgular phOtoelectron Spectroscopy beamline (URANOS) is an experimental installation for studies of the electronic structure of solid surfaces by Angle-Resolved PhotoElectron Spectroscopy (ARPES) technique in the range from 8 to 170 eV with any selectable polarization. The beamline is designed for high photon flux, high resolution, variable polarization, and minimal harmonic contamination.
The ARPES technique has an extremely important place among methods of studying the structure of matter because it allows the measurement of fundamental parameters for electrons: energy, momentum and spin. Direct measurement of these parameters is performed for photoelectrons in a vacuum above the surface of the sample. Within the so-called sudden approximation, these parameters can be related to the binding energy and momentum of the electron in the sample prior to the photoelectric excitation. 
Due to this technique, it is possible to study the band structure quickly and thoroughly in four dimensions (kx, ky, kz, and E) including the effects of electron correlations, electron-phonon, electron-dopant interactions. In other words, this technique provides a direct measurement of the multidimensional dispersion relation E(k) in solids.  

Many recent advances in materials science have been enabled by better understanding of the electronic structure of complex systems, gained due to ARPES studies.
Examples include advances in fields such as:
- unconventional superconductivity,
- topological materials,
- graphene physics.

Beamline Energy Resolution
4 [meV] @ 10 [eV]
Beamline Resolving Power
5 * 105 [E/deltaE]
Beamline Energy Range
8 - 170 [eV]
Spot Size On Sample Hor
60 [um]
Spot Size On Sample Vert
150 [um]
Angle Of Incidence Light On Sample Value
1 - 80 [degrees]
Photon Sources


Available Polarization
Linear horizontal, Linear vertical, Elliptical, Circular
Variable Polarization
Source Divergence Sigma
X = 97 [urad], Y = 91 [urad]
Source Size Sigma
X = 410 [um], Y = 71 [um]
Source Spectral Flux
2 * 1015 [ph/s/0.1%bw] @ 30 [eV]
Deflection Parameter K
6.5 [at 8 eV/horiz. pol.]
Energy Range
8 - 100 [eV]
Total Power
6 * 102 [W]
Number Of Periods
120 * 10-3 [m]
MSc. Marcin Rosmus
Photoelectron emission
  • Angular Resolved PES
  • UPS
  • XPS
  • Physical Chemistry
Earth Sciences & Environment
  • Mineralogy
  • Sustainable energy systems
  • Technique Development - Energy
Engineering & Technology
  • Detectors
  • Nanotechnology & production processes
Material Sciences
  • Knowledge based multifunctional materials
  • Metallurgy
  • Technique Development - Material Sciences
  • Hard condensed matter - electronic properties
  • Hard condensed matter - structures
  • Nanophysics & physics of confined matter
  • Quantum electronics & optics
  • Surfaces, interfaces and thin films
  • Technique Development - Physics
Czerwone Maki 98
30-392 Kraków
control/Data analysis
Control Software Type
  • SES
Data Output Type
  • multidimensional spectra & images of bands
Data Output Format
  • SES filetypes (text tables & binary files)
Softwares For Data Analysis
  • Igor PRO
Equipment That Can Be Brought By The User
to be discussed with the beamline staff.