European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
BM05 - Instrumentation Facility

The BM05 beamline serves as a test and development station for X-ray optical elements, beam characterisation (coherence, polarisation…), and instrumentation R&D in general. The beamline is available for internal development and for proprietary research.

Beamline Energy Resolution
0.5 [eV]
Beamline Resolving Power
1 * 10-4 [E/deltaE] @ 20000 [eV]
3.7 * 10-2 [E/deltaE] @ 20000 [eV]
Beamline Energy Range
6000 - 60000 [eV]
Max Flux On Sample
1.6 * 1010 [ph/s] @ 25000 [eV]
Spot Size On Sample Hor
0.002 - 100 [mm]
Spot Size On Sample Vert
0.002 - 6 [mm]
Divergence Hor
2.4 [mrad]
Divergence Vert
0.083 [mrad]
Transverse Coherence Length At Sample Position Vert Value
64 - 88 [um]
Transverse Coherence Length At Sample Position Hor Value
6 - 9 [um]
Angle Of Incidence Light On Sample Value
0 - 120 [degrees]

Double -Crystal monochromator

Energy Range
6000 - 60000 [eV]
Cryo-cooled, double-reflection Si(111) monochromator
Resolving Power
1 * 10-4 [deltaE/E] @ 20000 [eV]

Double-Multilayer Monochromator

Energy Range
8000 - 30000 [eV]
Double-reflection, variable-exit multilayer monochromator
Resolving Power
1 * 10-2 [deltaE/E] @ 20000 [eV]
Endstations or Setup

5-circle diffractometer

5-circle commercial diffractometer (3 circles for sample orientation, 2 circles for detectors) financed by the French IRT Nanoelec programme, collaboration CEA-LETI / ESRF.
Station for high-throughput multi-characterisation R&D rapid-access needs of the micro- and nano-electronics industry.
Available X-ray characterisation techniques: in-plane and out-of-plane diffraction, both in reflection and transmission, anomalous diffraction, CD-SAXS, PDF measurements on amorphous thin layers, fluorescence, reflectivity and diffraction imaging (white and monochromatic x-ray topography, rocking curve imaging). Maximum size of 120 mm x 6 mm in the monochromatic case or of 165 mm x 7 mm in the case of white beam (FWHM). The setup is also used to measure diffuse scattering on polished surfaces or to qualify the uniformity response of detectors.
A bent multilayer bending mounted upstream (optics table) may be used to concentrate the x-ray beam in the horizontal direction down to 30 micrometers.
Base Pressure
1 * 103 [mbar]
Endstation Operative

Manipulator or Sample stage

Horizontal diffractometer

Horizontal diffractometer allowing multiple configurations using up to 3-axis for reciprocal space mapping. Can take sample environments of up to 100 kg weight. X-ray diffractometry with micrometer spatial resolution can be performed using a FreLon camera. Optional micro-focusing optics element (Kirkpatrick-Baez or refractive lenses) available on 1st axis . Notice also that white beam can also be used in this hutch.
Endstation Operative

Manipulator or Sample stage

Medium-resolution micro-tomograph

Base Pressure
1 * 103 [mbar]
Endstation Operative

Manipulator or Sample stage

Eric Ziegler
Sebastien Berujon
Thu-Nhi Tran Caliste
  • Crystallography
  • Time-resolved studies
  • Topography
Emission or Reflection
  • Reflectrometry
  • Time-resolved studies
  • X-ray tomography
  • Elastic scattering
  • Small angle scattering
  • Time-resolved scattering
Engineering & Technology
  • Other - Engineering & Technology
Material Sciences
  • Other - Material Sciences
ESRF, S03, 71 avenue des martyrs, 38000 Grenoble
control/Data analysis
Control Software Type
  • Spec
Data Output Type
Data Output Format
Softwares For Data Analysis
  • PyHST, PyMCA
Equipment That Can Be Brought By The User
Various customizable stations located at ~28 m, ~40 m and ~55 m from the source where either white beam or monochromatic beam can be delivered. Contact one of the beamline contacts for specifics.