European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
ID32 - Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy

ID32 is an intense source of polarized soft x-rays that is principally used to probe magnetism in a diverse range of systems with x-ray magneto-optical techniques and to study the electronic structure of materials using x-ray and photoelectron emission techniques. The photon energy is tunable in the range 0.4-1.6 keV making it ideal for studying the magnetic and electronic properties of 3d transition metals and rare earths since the L-edges (2p) and M-edges (3d) lie in this energy range. The x-ray beam polarisation can also be fully chosen; circular, linear vertical, and linear horizontal beam polarisation rates are all ~100 %.

The beamline is equipped with:

  • Three APPLE II undulators providing ~100% circular/linear beam polarization
  • Three experimental areas: i High Field Magnet, ii RIXS, iii Open.
  • UHV Sample Preparation Facilities attached to the high field magnet
  • Plane grating monochromator with a resolving power of 5000 for the XMCD/Open branch and 42 000 (goal) for the RIXS branch
  • Optics focusing down to 10 × 100 microns (FWHM) vertical × horizontal beam size and up to several square millimeters for the XMCD branch, and down to 4 × 60 microns (FWHM) vertical × horizontal beam size for the RIXS branch

We can also adapt to a variety of user experimental stations.

Beamline Energy Range
400 - 1600 [eV]
Nick Brookes
Flora Yakhou
Kurt Kummer
  • XMCD
  • Elastic scattering
  • Inelastic scattering
control/Data analysis
Control Software Type
  • spec
Data Output Type
  • spec
Data Output Format
  • spec