The synchrotron radiation photon beam from a wiggler installed on the DAFNE storage ringis split by a grazing incidence Au-coated mirror (incidence angle = 40 mrad, cut-off energy about 800 eV), inorder to provide the X-ray and UV beamlines. The reflected UV radiation travels through the UVbeamline and ends in a 63 mm diameter MgF2 window. The UV-VIS beamline operates on anextended spectral range from 120 nm to 650 nm, spectral regions commonly referred to as Visible,UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. There are three experimental stations: one operates in the VUV (UV-Band UV-C) region between 120 nm and 200 nm (monochromatic radiation), the second covers therange 200-650 nm (VIS, UV-A, UV-B) with monochromatic radiation and the third covers thesame spectral range but in white light or broadband typically for experiments of irradiation oraging. The new setup has to be tested!More details will be given afterwards.

Marco Angelucci
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