X-Ray Pump Probe (XPP) - XPP-KMC-3 Beamline

X-Ray Pump Probe Station

XPP-KMC-3 Beamline

The XPP/KMC-3 is a hard x-ray beamline dedicated to time-resolved x-ray diffraction and absorption spectroscopy experiments (EXAFS, XANES). It is equipped with an x-ray mirror assembly and a double monochromator, which can be removed from the x-ray beam path to allow for experiments with a monochromatic or a white x-ray beam. The energy range extends from 2 keV to 14 keV. In addition, the beamline comprises an ultrafast laser as a pump source for time-resolved experiments. In the near furture, a four-circle diffractometer setup in a vacuum chamber will allow for sample cooling down to 30°K.

Typical applications of the beamline are:

  • - Time-resolved x-ray diffraction in solids and soft matter
  • - Debey-Scherrer and Laue diffraction
  • - Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure spectroscopy and X-ray Absorption Near Edge Spectroscopy ( (EXAFS, XANES)

Currently the beamline is only equipped for time-resolved x-ray diffraction experiments. If you wish to submit a proposal please contact the beamline scientist in advance to discuss the feasibility of your experiment.

Dr. Peter Gaal
  • Time-resolved studies
control/Data analysis
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  • tbc
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