Small Reflectometer Station

Reflectometry - At-wavelength metrology

The reflectometer is a multipurpose instrument to determine the optical properties of samples  in transmission or reflection. The reflectivity can be determined at a fixed photon energy as function of the incidence angle or vice versa as function of the energy for a certain incidence angle. The samples can have a size from a few square millimeters to macroscopic optical elements, thus performance measurements on realistic beamline optical components like mirrors, gratings or crystals are possible as well as the investigation of e.g. multilayer samples on Si-wafer substrates.

It is equipped with 3 UHV-compatible goniometers (Huber 408 and 410) and UHV stepper motors (Phytron) for varying the incidence angle at the sample and for positioning the detector in plane or out of plane. The reflection plane is vertical (i.e. in general s-polarisation geometry).

The station is flexible and it can be mounted on dipole or undulator beamlines, and is meant to complement the fixed reflectometer station in the optics hutch in energy ranges which are not accessible at the optics beamline, i.e. in the UV and x-ray range (NIM, DCM).

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Dr. Andrey Sokolov
Dr. Franz Schäfers
Emission or Reflection
  • Reflectrometry
control/Data analysis
Control Software Type
  • tbc
Data Output Type
  • tbc
Data Output Format
  • tbc