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XFEL for beginners

The workshop is mainly addressed to students, PhD students, and scientists interested in the use of X-ray free electron lasers in the study of the structure of matter and the dynamics of processes.
FELs of Europe Tutorial #1

XFEL basics, generation and applications

Giorgio Margaritondo (EPFL), March 1st, 2021
The Science@FELs 2020 conference, the first online Science@FELs, was accompanied by a small number of focus tutorials led by eminent FEL scientists and specifically addressing younger members of the FEL community. The tutorials introduced hot topics in the field of FEL science with larger depth than usually possible in conference talks. Based on the very positive reception of these tutorials, Fels of Europe will start a regular online tutorial series inviting distinguished scholars in the field.

Last call for SMEs is open until June 30, 2021!

The current call for TamaTA proposals has been extended till 30th June 2021, small and medium companies can ask for funded beamtime in different European light sources thanks to EU CALIPSOplus project. submit your proposal here
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Within the CALIPSOplus Horizon 2020 project, all European synchrotrons and FELs agreed to harmonize their proposal formats while respecting national regulations and internal rules. 

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