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MAX IV Laboratory

  • MAX IV Laboratory
  • Fotongatan 2
  • 225 94 Lund, Sweden
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Next Call for Proposals will open on August 7, 2017 and close on September 7, 2017. This call is for proposals requesting beamtime at the BioMAX, HIPPIE and NanoMAX beamlines in the scientific areas Structural Biology, Spectroscopy and Nano Sciences. Beamtime will be allocated from December 2017 to July 2018. More info:



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The MAX IV Laboratory, through its MAX-lab facility, has been offering synchrotron light to a broad international research community for more than 30 years. In December 2015 the MAX-lab facility was closed and the laboratory has moved to a new site where the MAX IV project is under completion. The MAX IV facility will comprise two low emittance storage rings (1.5 GeV and 3 GeV) and a 3 GeV linac injector.

The novel multi-bend achromat design of the 3 GeV storage ring leads to an emittance below 0.3 nm rad which means that it will become the world's brightest storage ring-based light source.

The 3 GeV linac accelerator will be used for both injection and top up in the storage rings, and as a driver for the Short Pulse Facility (SPF). When used as a short pulse driver it will be able to deliver sub-100-fs pulses with an emittance below 2 mm mrad at 100 Hz. 

The construction and commissioning of these new experimental facilities are well under way. At present, 14 beamlines are funded for the MAX IV facility: Eight at the 3 GeV ring, five at the 1.5 GeV ring and one at the Short Pulse Facility (SPF) at the MAX IV linac. Different calls to use the MAX IV facility will be open as the beamlines start becoming operational. The first call for external proposals, which was open in December 2016, allowed external users to start using the first MAX IV beamlines in spring 2017.


Storage ring specifications (design values)MAX IV 1.5 GeVMAX IV 3 GeV
Energy [GeV]1.53.0
Current [mA]max 500max 500
Circumference [m]96528
Number of bending magnets24140
Number of straight sections in use12 (10 for IDs)20 (19 for IDs)
Operative beamlines00
Beamlines under construction58
Average beam lifetime [h]top up modetop up mode
Energy loss per turn (without IDs) [keV]114364
Beam size in insertion devices [μm]sx:184 sy:13sx:53.5 sy:2-4
Beam size in bending magnets [μm]sx:40.1 sy:30.7no BM beamlines
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