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  • Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.
  • Strada Statale 14 - km 163,5 in AREA Science Park - Basovizza
  • 34149 Trieste, Italy
  • Visit Elettra Website »
  • Tel. +39 040 37581
  • Fax. +39 040 375 8029




  • March 15th, 2018 for proposals eligible for the user period starting from July 1st 2018 to December 31st 2018;
  • September 17th, 2018 for proposals eliglible for the user period starting from January 1st to June 30th, 2019;


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The third-generation electron storage ring Elettra, operated by the Elettra Laboratory of Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A. since 1993, feeds 26 beamlines. Researchers from more than 50 different countries, selected by an international committee on the basis of the quality of their scientific proposals, access the facility each year. Since 2010 the Elettra electron storage ring, upgraded with a full-energy injector in 2007, operates in top-up mode for users. Elettra operates routinely at two different electron energies, 2.0 GeV and 2.4 GeV providing photons with energies from a few tenths eV to tenths KeV. All of the most important photon (X-ray and IR) based techniques in the areas of spectroscopy, diffraction, scattering, imaging and lithography are present, including also the unique inelastic ultraviolet scattering (IUVS). Versatile experimental stations are maintained at the state-of-the art, offering unique means to carry out outstanding research in diverse fields and disciplines.

Storage Ring SpecificationsEnergy [2 GeV]Energy [2.4 GeV]
Energy [GeV]2.02.4
Current at top-up [mA]310150
Circumference [m]259.2259.2
Number of bending magnets2424
Number of straight sections in use 1111
Operative beamlines2626
Beamlines under construction22
Average beam lifetime [h]8.5/27*32
Energy loss per turn (without IDs) [KeV]255.7533
Beam size in insertion devicessx: 241 - sy: 15sx: 283 - sy: 16
Beam size in bending magnetssx: 139 - sy: 28sx: 197 - sy: 30
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