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Diamond Light Source



  • 1st April (for the period 1st October 31st March)
  • 1st October (for the period 1st April to 30th September).

 Details for the next calls for Direct Access and Programme Mode are on the web at: .

In addition to call deadlines specified above, there are also opportunities for rapid access to some beamlines. More deatils are given on the Diamond website by using the speciied link.  



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Diamond Light Source Ltd is a Private Limited Company which was constituted following the signing of a Joint Venture Agreement the UK Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and The Wellcome Trust. The UK Government (through STFC) own 86% of the shares in Diamond, with the Wellcome Trust the remaining 14%.

Diamond is a 3rd Generation 3GeV synchrotron light source which has a 1MeV linear accelerator (Linac), and full energy (1MeV-3 GeV) Booster. Top-Up mode became available in 2008. Diamond has been operating since January 2007, when the first 7 beamlines became operatonal. By the end of 2012 the number of operational beamlines will increase to 22, with 32 operational by 2018.


Diamond has many Special Peformance beamlines including:

- I12 (Joint Engineering, Environmental & Processing) - which will be able to provide tomographic data on large engineering components of up to 2 tonnes, with a scanning area of 1m x 1m under real world conditions - a unique feature in Europe and the world. It has a high intensity beam for undertaking diffraction and imaging experiments. (Currently operational).

- I20 (Versatile X-ray Spectroscopy) has a four-bounce monochromator which will allow constant energy resolution and spectral purity of the x-ray beam, in contrast with the other spectroscopy beamlines in Europe. (Operational in 2012).

- I09 (Surfaces & interface structural analysis) is unique in it's ability to analyse samples with both hard and soft X-rays. 

Storage ring specificationsDiamond
Energy [GeV]3
Current [mA]300mA (with provision for future to go to 500mA operations)
Circumference [m]561.6
Number of bending magnets48
Number of straight sections in use22
Operative beamlines19 by end of 2011; 22 by the end of 2012; 32 by 2018
Beamlines under construction/planned13
Average beam lifetime [h]12-25 depending on fill pattern / RF conditions
Energy loss per turn (without IDs) [keV]1000
Beam size in insertion devices [μm]6.4 * 122.9
Beam size in bending magnets [μm]54*24
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